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PIP Catalogue 3 CONTENTS Introducing PIP 2 Product Index 3 Occupational Glove Standards 4 Glove Selection Guide 5 Specialty Coated 6 Ruffian 34-350 7 SuperLite 33-101 7 SuperSkin 34-323 8 SuperSkin HC 34-324 8 SuperSkin HVO 34-326 9 G-Force C1300 9 Mechanical Protection 10 Professional MX2920-A 11 Technician MX2920HF-A 11 Engineer MX2920TFF-A 12 Vis Rigger 120-4600 12 Journeyman KV 120-4100 13 Mad Max II 120-4050 13 ForceShield 120-3700 14 Cut Resistant 15 G-Force C1300 16 Mad Max II 120-4050 16 GuardTek CUT-3YE 17 Wet Work 3 30-733 17 Journeyman KV 120-4100 18 GuardTek CUT-5YE 18 ForceShield 120-3700 19 K-Force K1300 19 Liquid / Chemical Resistant 20 Assurance N2272G 21 ActivGrip AG567 21 Respiratory Protection 22 Segre CNP1 23 Segre CNP1-V 23 Segre CNP2 24 Segre CNP2-V 24 Segre CNP1-CV 25 Segre CNP2-CV 25 Accessories 26 Glove Clip ILN (Y/O) 26 Ezi-Cool Towels 26 Display Stands 27 ABOUT P.I.P Protective Industrial Products (Australia) Pty Ltd is affiliated with P.I.P worldwide, a global organisation with manufacturing, marketing and warehouse locations throughout USA, Canada, China, Panama, Italy, Spain, South Africa and Hong Kong. P.I.P USA was established in 1984 with High Quality Gloves manufacturing and class leading wholesale distribution as its primary focus from inception. P.I.P (Aust) was founded by Australian Personal Protective Equipment industry specialist in 2003. Head office and National warehouse facilities are based in Brisbane, Queensland. OUR PURPOSE To consistently research and innovate enhancements to the performance and inherent value of class leading safety products, manufactured and supplied at the lowest possible cost to the customer. OUR DISTRIBUTION POLICY P.I.P (Aust) operates through a limited distribution policy with qualified Industrial Distributor Partnerships in strategically selected market segments. OUR STRATEGY Create a distribution network built on a foundation of strong relationships with pre-eminent distributors in each market. Practice world class channel management. Create and develop highly recognisable branding. Deliver consistent product quality in workmanship and materials, suited to Australian conditions. Provide industry leading best practice customer service and support. Maintain an efficient and low cost overhead structure. OUR SOURCING P.I.P markets products from our own factories in the USA along with a network of manufacturers in China, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, India, Japan, Taiwan and others. These sources manufacture products to our specifications (such as European/ USA hand size measurements not the smaller Asian hand size patterns used by others), then package and ship them as we instruct. We do not buy “off the shelf” specials or bargains. OUR QUALITY P.I.P considers itself an off-shore manufacturer with on-shore Marketing and Distribution. We are not simply an importer. Our Hong Kong based manufacturing division manages our production at the facilities that we employ. Our products are designed to offer consistent quality at a fair market value. Our consignments are carton lot coded by each shipment to help manage the quality process.

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