Segre - CN P1CV


Product Description:

Segre CN flat fold disposable respirator with Exhalation Valve, P1 particle protection with added Carbon filtration for nuisance odours. Pigeon face profile design, adjustable straps and nose bridge seal for perfect fit.

  • Protects against mechanical generated health hazardous dry and liquid air-bourne particles and Odours.
  • Highest quality filter material for capture air-bourne solid and liquid particles.
  • Respiratory protection when Sanding, Spraying, Cleaning.
  • Individually sealed for hygiene and carrying convenience
  • Aluminium Nose seal for easy adjustment


  • Sanitation Works
  • Sanding & Grinding
  • Mining Applications
  • Poultry & Pig Farming
  • Agricultural Spraying
  • Gardening & Yard Work

Technical Data:

CNP1CV particle protection with Nuisance odour Carbon filtration, Exhalation Valve, Non allogeneic adjustable straps, Individually sealed flat fold respirators. 15 masks per Box, 10 box Carton.

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Segre - CN P1CV

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