High Cut Resistance Gloves

Cut resistant gloves are becoming the new norm for jobsites, preventing avoidable injuries to employees.

Manufacturing technology advances over the last decade have seen higher cut rated gloves enhanced by the addition of Steel or Glass fibres combined with high strength H.P.P.E. This type of knitted liner manufacture has certain restrictions in protection and comfort such as lack of flexibility, electrical conductivity, or hot / cold temperature transfer in the case of Steel liners. As for Glass composite H.P.P.E the glass filament strands break up over time with use / laundering and provide reduced levels of Cut Resistance accordingly.

PIP’s PolyKor® with X7™ Technology (with No Steel or Glass fibre) represents the latest in engineered yarn development. This super light-weight and thin, 18 gauge reinforced yarn provides very high cut resistance and durability by way of proprietary fibre.

When choosing the right cut resistant gloves, you need to consider the risks in your environment to find the glove that suits your job. Read our tips for choosing the right cut resistant glove here.

PIP Australia has a large range of cut resistance gloves, with several on or above the standard cut level 5 rating:

High cut resistant gloves in our range include the G-Tek PolyKor X7 Platinum F+ with a A7 liner (25% higher than EN388:2016 level F) and the GuardTek Supra Block cut resistant level F.

Our highest rated mechanical protection gloves suitable for extreme cut hazards, include the MaxiTek ForceShield X7 offering level E cut resistance and impact resistance level 2, as well as the Journeyman C5 Impact with level E cut 5 protection, level 2 crush & impact protection. Both created with PIP’s PolyKor X7 Technology.

Looking for specialised Gloves?

Our Eureka range has you covered with ultra cut protection needle resistant gloves both with ISO 13997 cut resistance F (highest level) for ultra high cut hazards – Eureka Puncture Soft and the Eureka Puncture Xtreme with maximum Tear Resistance 75N and Puncture Resistance 150N.

Eureka’s flame retardant gloves range – Eureka Heat HREureka ARC-HFR and Eureka HAF50 are all Arc flash certified, Heat Resistant to contact heat up to 100°C and offer cut protection level E.

Glove Standards

The 2020 Australia Standards / New Zealand Standards is identical with the 2016 European Standard. Testing protective gloves against mechanical risks of abrasion, blade cut, tear, puncture and if applicable, impact. The American National Standard is also now in-line with the European Standard for cut resistance when converting Newtons to grams. With the ANSI/ISEA 105 standard measuring further, up to 6000+ grams.

Read our run-down of the latest glove standards here.