Nitrile Disposable Gloves – Weights and Measures

Industrial Safety Product Specialists have been aware for some decades that certain less reputable factories or importers looking to gain a (price driven) competitive advantage, have been utilising “Fillers” in their Nitrile material blends to reduce the overall cost of the finished product (Pure Nitrile Rubber is expensive, Fillers are relatively cheap). The inclusion of Filler contaminates into the Nitrile bath does create substandard performance characteristics and can contribute to an increase in the weight of each glove.

When manufacturers and or suppliers are quoting weight of a glove in grams, in place of the average Palm thickness measurement, as the vital unit of measure for an indicator of perceived performance. We should see this redirection of the conversation away from the topic of thickness as a sales technique to cover the deficiencies of their products performance.

world renowned grippaz gloves

The world renowned Grippaz gloves are manufactured from 100% Pure Nitrile and the factory produces these gloves with absolute minimal tolerance variations, comparative to many other budget orientated Nitrile offerings.

Grippaz Skins Black Gloves

Grippaz gloves have many other benefits over the competitor disposable gloves, such as superior wet grip capabilities from Grippaz unique patented ‘fish scale’ raised profile pattern on fingers and palm. Other performance attributes are Food Safe; Silicon and Latex Free; Smart Screen functionality; Oil & Chemical Resistance; ESD Safe – Static Dissipative; Micro-Organism Barrier for Virus and Bacteria.

Thickness of Disposable glove material:

Most medical grade disposable Nitrile gloves are around the 2 to 3 Mil thickness for greater sensitivity; Medium duty issue Nitrile is 4 to 5 Mil for a compromise of strength and dexterity; Higher quality of snag and tear protection for Industrial application strength and longevity is 6 to 8 Mil thick Nitrile wall of glove.



The Imperial measurement of 1 Mil is a thousandth of an Inch or a “thou” (1 mil, thou = 0.0254 mm), The Metric measurement is in Millimetre or “mm” (1 mm = 39.3700787402 mil).

The Grippaz in 6 Mil is equal to 0.1524mm. Remember that due to the way gloves are dipped hanging downwards, the fingertips are the thickest, then Palm, then Cuff the thinnest (gravity at work). The Grippaz are measured at the palm, which is the suggested best practice standard, but not all manufacturers measure here if their results are not compatible at this location on the glove.

In closing, consideration should be given to the task requirement for the glove. Once selecting the best suited gloves from those that match your needs criteria, test them against each other to provide confidence and assurance in the knowledge of the factual performance data. In considering equal thickness Disposable gloves, it is not possible to get better, stronger, longer lasting performance than gloves made of 100% Pure Nitrile.

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