“Finally, gloves that fit like they should”.

For decades workers have persevered with wearing gloves that simply don’t fit properly. The multitude of these ill-fitting gloves contribute to poor tactile grip, lack of fingertip control and the sensitivity required to conduct fine detail or task specific work.

Our unique design specification was for a new range of safety gloves that would fit and act as ‘protective skin’, allowing the wearer to conduct any manual handling task without removing them. Thankfully for everyone that wears gloves at work, this has been achieved with the GuardTek glove range featuring our patented Skin Contouring Technology.

P.I.P (Aust) Invested over 4 years in R & D to develop the perfect blend of materials that stretch and conform to the shape of the wearers hand. Each of us are individuals and as such, we don’t have the same shaped hands or finger width / lengths as each other. Therefore, the challenge was to provide gloves that fit each wearer as exact anatomical duplicates of each individuals precise hand and finger shape.

The GuardTek concept utilises the finest quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques for both the liner and Nitrile dip coating. The flexibility of this special liner and coating combination creates the perfect formula for multi directional stretch providing our unique ‘Protective Skin’ which shapes to the individual wearers hand. Many other glove manufacturers have tried to copy the GuardTek two way stretch liner. These cheaper alternatives fail because the coating over the top of their liner does not allow for 2-way movement. Without the unique blending of Specialised Liner and GuardTek Coating you simply will not get the dexterity for various widths and lengths of fingers.

All GuardTek gloves by nature of design, are meant to have a somewhat ‘compression fit’ feeling on first donning. Once fitted, natural body temperature and finger movement starts to shape the glove to mimic each individuals skin surface layer. This initial hand contouring process of the glove usually takes a few minutes. Once the glove has formed to your hands shape it will have a more relaxed fit and feel, almost like you don’t have a glove on at all (this is the Protective Skin design concept: Maximum Sensitivity and Dexterity with no Restriction of Movement).

GuardTek Skin Contouring Technology is available in the SuperSkin range of gloves which are available in the 34-323 open back of hand style; the 34-324HC coated to over the knuckle bar; the 34-326HVO High Visibility for Day / Night work, 34-424Oil a special Liquid resistant coating with unique thin double layer coating.

Our GuardTek Cut Resistant range provides the same class leading fit and feel as above with increased Cut and Mechanical Puncture protection. We are proud to have been the innovators in superfine high Cut Resistant filament liners that stretch and shape to the hand. Combined with our GuardTek Skin Contouring Technology coating we have the perfect fitting glove for those requiring next level CR protection. GuardTek Cut 3 glove is for mid-level CR and the GuardTek Cut 5 for those tasks where the highest-level CR is the requirement.