Grippaz™ Professional Food Handling Glove

Grippaz™ patented design on the inside and outside of the glove provides extra traction with oily or wet food or materials.

  • 8 mil heavy duty proprietary nitrile blend with patented fish scale pattern is more tear-resistant and puncture-resistant than
    conventional single-use disposable gloves – for prolonged use and reduced waste. HACCP approved for food handling & manufacturing
  • Superb grip and durability for heavier tasks.
  • Resistant to many chemicals commonly used in industrial and OEM applications including oils, grease and cleaning solvents.
  • Proprietary nitrile blend offers enhanced flexibility, comfort and mobility – reducing hand fatigue.
  • Touchscreen compatible to allow the user to operate a touch screen phone or device without removing gloves

  • Food Handling and Manufacturing
  • Assembly and Inspection
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Painting and Printing
  • Automotive Applications