G-Tek VR-X 380 PolyKor
16-VRX380 / Size

The VRX Cut Resistant Wet & Dry glove is a world first ultra thin single layer polyurethane coated / reusable glove with durable PolyKor cut resistant 18 gauge liner. The combination of Wet & Oily grip with Cut Level C protection in a very high dexterity glove provides previously unheard of solutions to Assembly, Fabrication & Security Enforcement.

  • Complete 360 liquid proof coating to the wrist area

  • Cut Level C protection

  • Absolute Perfect Fit & control at the fingertips

  • Touchscreen compatible to allow the user to operate a touch screen phone or device without removing gloves

  • VRX “Advanced Barrier” Technology to render inactive the spread of Virus & Bacteria

  • Silicone Free
  • Individually Packed & Sealed for hygiene

  • Tested effective up to 6 wash cycles

  • Precision Assembly
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Water & Sewerage
  • Waste / Cleaning Facilities
  • Law Enforcement & Security
  • Controlled Environment
  • Sharp Parts Handling