P2V Particle & Valve Flat Fold Respirator

Disposable respirator certified to AS /NZS 1716. High Particle filtration with low breathing resistance. Exhalation Valve to reduce temperature and humidity build up inside mask. Pigeon face profile design, elastic straps and nose bridge seal for perfect fit. Made from Poly-Propylene melt-blown filter material  which is an inherently water repellent material. This makes these less troublesome when it comes to considering microorganisms.

  • AS/NZ 1716 Certified
  • Protects against mechanically and thermally generated health hazardous dry and liquid air-bourne particles
  • High quality filter material for capture of metal fume, wood dust, fibreglass, silica, asbestos and liquid mists
  • Respiratory protection when Sanding, Grinding, Welding and spraying water based liquids
  • Nose seal for easy adjustment
  • Individually sealed for hygiene and carrying convenience

  • Mild Steel Welding
  • Sanding & Grinding
  • Mining Applications
  • Building & Construction
  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Gardening & Yard Work