SuperSkin Oil
Code 34-424/ Size



GuardTek SuperSkin Oil glove has been designed to provide our unique Skin Contouring fit and feel while stopping the movement of liquids through the glove coating. These special thin dipped dual coated gloves allow the wearer to work with complete finger-tip sensitivity and enhanced grip control in Wet and Oily environments. Liquid resistant coating covers the back of hand to above the knuckle bar and leaves the top half of the back of glove open to assist with humidity transfer through the glove.

  • Precise Fit from our patented Guardtek Skin Contouring Technology; these dual coat liquid resistant gloves fit like a protective skin allowing for detailed manipulation on mechanical machinery.
  • Liquid, Oil, Grease resistant for duties requiring tactile sensitivity with good wet grip and hand protection from contaminated fluids.
  • Anti-Microbial inner glove treatment to keep gloves hygienically sanitized for longer.

  • Automotive Service and Assembly
  • Glass Handling
  • Machinery Adjustments and Operation
  • Technical Service and Installations
  • Irrigation and Plant Operators
  • Plumbing, Concreting and Wet Works
Technical Data

Seamless polyamide / spandex liner (18 gauge) with dual coat non porous nitrile on palm and back of glove to above knuckle bar.

Sizes S-XXL. 12 pair per Pack, 72 pair Carton