Safety gloves are an essential tool in a gardener’s, mechanics or metal workers kit. Some might ask ‘do you really need gloves for that?’ for tasks that only take a little time. But any experienced tradesperson will say ‘yes’ every time for the following reasons.


We protect ourselves from inhaling chemicals when we wear face masks; what about our hands though? When chemical substances touch human skin it can be excruciating; it results in irritation, burns and requires medical treatment.

Cleaners, gardeners and even metal workers come into contact with fertilizers, bleach, and other substances daily. Their work is very hands-on and requires good safety gloves. They’ll be covered in an oil and water-resistant coating that effectively repels liquids.


Needles, metals, and anything else that can cause abrasions is a daily hazard. A worker would get cut easily if they aren’t wearing gloves. An open wound quickly becomes infected if left untreated.

Safety gloves for sanitation workers, cleaners, and metal workers are made of a tightly-woven material which is then covered with a microporous yet cut-resistant coating.


‘But don’t gloves get in the way of holding things properly?’ That’s another argument, albeit a weak one.

Luckily, safety gloves have come a long way in their design. Skin contouring technology allows the glove to mould to the hand almost like a second skin. This allows for better dexterity and grip. Electricians, plumbers, concreters, and carpenters can have a good amount of grip without sacrificing safety.